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Welcome to Realtor's Hub

We at Landwey Investment Limited always strive to better the opportunities/chances of our realtors to make sales and as such have developed this hub to guide and equip you with whatever you might need.

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Realtors Guidelines

No Misrepresentation (Please verify from a staff) No Misinformation (Please verify from a staff) No loading, no short-falls (Marketers should sell at Landwey Investment Limited price.) Caution on cash collection (Encourage subscribers to pay into the Landwey investment Limited accounts) Cheques should be written in Landwey Investment Limited’s name. Cheques should be paid into Landwey Investment Limited account immediately after collection (Documents are issued only after cheques have cleared) No realtors should conduct his/herself in a distrustful manner Encourage client to strictly adhere to payment plans (which can be uploaded on the payment confirmation page, acknowledgement notification will be sent to those that submit the information requested)